Film Intel's Fight Club - It's A Wonderful Life vs White Christmas

After the success (ahem) of the first Film Intel Fight Club, we return on this lovely Christmas Eve with another Christmas themed battle-ring for Yuletide week. This time it's the battle of the 'classics' as It's A Wonderful Life takes on White Christmas for the title with pride at stake and film fans on tenterhooks (ahem). So, without further ado; James Stewart, ready? Bing Crosby, ready? Fight!

First Google Image Result (above)

Oh dear. WL's is fine and scores extra points because it produces the image that most people arguably associate with the film but what has happened to WC's? Replaced by a greetings card image? And not even a good one at that! Hang your head in shame Bing.

WL: 8/10
WC: 0/10

Best Piece Of Parental Guidance On IMDb

Neither are the sort of film that benefits from parental ire on IMDb but WL does helpfully state that 'a man slaps a boy' under the 'Violence and Gore' section. WC unfortunately features no such ironic guidance and the best it can manage is to say that sex and nudity will 'go above children's heads'. Not a good start for Bing and co.

WL: 4/10
WC: 1/10

Best Character Name

WL boasts 'Military Officer in Montage', Montage presumably being some kind of new-fangled army dress or a hitherto unknown American town. WC finally takes a win though with 'Rehearsal Blonde', surely the most anonymous female role ever.

WL: 5/10
WC: 7/10

Best Quote

For sheer tear-inducing, holiday sentimentality, WL's 'look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings' is hard to beat although several other lines from the film are noteworthy. WC though has several PG-friendly zingers including the nervous kiss ('Don't you think we ought to kiss or something?'/'Not until it's absolutely necessary') and 'How can a guy *that* ugly have the nerve to have sisters?'/'Very brave parents'. Decent marks for both.

WL: 8/10
WC: 7/10

Best Comparison

WL's comparison comes from Sheesh Productions who claim the film is like 'slipping into a favorite pair of flannel pajamas—they may show signs of age, but they're warm, cozy, and familiar enough to ward off even the coldest winter night', in related news: you now know what to buy Sheesh for Christmas. WC takes the win though courtesy of Stomp Tokyo who accurately compare the film to, 'candy cane: it only comes around once a year, and too much will make you sick'.

WL: 4/10
WC: 6/10

Best Tweet

Surprisingly, @marcsilber is not the only person tweeting that 'Love Actually is a perfect Christmas movie, sorry to say it replaced "It's a Wonderful life" as the most played in our house' which may show a worrying movement from the classics to Richard Curtis' comedy. WC suffers from a similar problem when searching for tweets as it does when searching for images but @davejenkins asking 'people talk about White Christmas, what about White Dog Poo?' seemed hilarious enough to warrant inclusion.

WL: 3/10
WC: 5/10

Best Rotten Tomatoes Review

WL's is undoubtedly John Puccio's piece of punchy resistance to non-believers; 'raise your hand if you think It's A Wonderful Life is mushy, sentimental, over-praised hokum. Now, go to your room. Both of you', whilst WC suffers from the distinctly none-Christmassy put down of David Jenkins who calls it 'pornographically soppy'. Solid points scoring for both films.

WL: 7/10
WC: 7/10

Best Piece Of IMDb Trivia

WL's claim to trivia success is that it was the first film which used foam to replicate snow flakes. Before Kapra's film, the accepted method was to paint Cornflakes white. WC's own selection of trivia is disappointingly light with the only real revelation being that, due to rights issues, there has never been an 'official' soundtrack released.

WL: 8/10
WC: 2/10

The Christmas cheer belongs to It's A Wonderful Life as it beats White Christmas with a score of 47/80 to 35/80, taking the overall top spot from Santa's Slay in the process by a single point. Bing and co are relegated to touring the neighborhood, singing on doorsteps.

Film Intel's Fight Club: where two films get pushed head-to-head over such irreverent issues as 'first Google image result' and 'best IMDb parental guidance entry'. All films are marked out of ten on each topic with a possible maximum score of 80 - it won't tell you anything about the quality of the film (or will it?) but it might give you a few giggles. Or it might not. We'll see.

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