Film Intel's Final Word - Tony Scott, Knuckleball, Pixar Art

Tony Scott - 1944-2012

Obituary: The Telegraph

Our simple tribute to Tony Scott's immense contribution to cinema can be found here and, by coincidence, Scott's Spy Game featured on the site on Sunday. Not every Scott film was a success but his influence on cinema should not be underestimated and, at the age of sixty-eight, he was still shaping the cinematic landscape. As someone remarked earlier in the week, he was one of a handful of people studios trusted to make 'films'. Not franchises or events, real films with a beginning, middle and end, that could be enjoyed as they are and make money whilst people were enjoying them. Man On Fire will probably remain my favourite but Spy Game and Enemy Of The State are also both crackers and that's before we've made it to Top Gun or Crimson Tide, favoured by many. A real tragedy.

Knuckleball Trailer Rides Coat-Tails of Moneyball

Story: Slash Film

This undoubtedly has less mass-market appeal than a Brad Pitt-starring, Oscar nominated film but for those of us who follow baseball the story of the knuckleball pitch (and R. A. Dickey's personal story, for that matter) is a fascinating one. Nice to see this getting some attention.

Pixar Concept Art Collection is Predictably Gorgeous

Story: Empire

I find most of the hand drawn stuff more beautiful than the computer animated renders. This probably makes me old. Get off my lawn.

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