Film Intel's 2012 Retrospective: Part 1 - The Awards

The Film Intel run-down of everything good (and one thing bad) from 2012.

Best Poster

The Hunt

Not sure about the tagline but love the wooden-pastel shades and the imagery, both of which reflect the film well.

Trailer of The Year

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

Achieves that special, but not entirely uncommon feat of taking all of the best jokes in the film and actually making them better. The timings are different (better), the lines are often cut (better), the visuals are snappier (better) and the music features (better) tracks I don't remember being in the film. A genuinely great example of how to do a trailer.

Film Of 2012

As usual, huge disclaimer that I haven't seen everything but Leos Carax' film blew me away, not only with how enthralling I found it but how much it had to say about everything to do with film-making, acting, living life and loving. I thought, and still think, that it's a spectacular film.

Best 'Oh My God! You Slapped Me!' Reaction of The Year

Rolf Lassgård in False Trail

Someone needs to make a .gif of this. Until then, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Best Contribution of The Year

The site, for the first time really, ran a limited number of pieces from some people who wanted to write for us this year, and they were all great, with lots to say, in a variety of ways, in very individual voices. Jeff's piece though is truly excellent. Witty, developed and really insightful, this was an absolute pleasure to read and run.

Best Rewatch

Limited this year, although I did manage to catch favourites Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Monsters, The Big Lebowski and The Road To Perdition again. Winner though has to be The Shining, which I saw on the big screen for the first time, in the balcony of Leeds Town Hall, during LIFF26. It was stunning.

Film I Wish I Hadn't Seen

Faust was dreadful, nauseating, convoluted, meaningless, pretentious cinema of the worst kind. Venice appears to have been a bit of a mess this year. Last year, they gave Best Film to this. Venice is not high on my list of 'must visit' festivals.

Comment On A Post Of The Year

Does this count as a tip? I'm not sure, but either way, the realisation that there's actually a script (somewhere) for this amazing book was a very pleasant discovery. Very many thanks, Mr/Mrs Anonymous!

HD Release Of The Year

A close run thing but surely there are few who can look past the importance of a pristine restoration of The Passion Of Joan Of Arc, presented in sumptuous packaging and with oodles of extra material. A tremendous blu-ray.

Festival Film Of The Year

It's tempting to say The Shining again but in terms of new things at festivals, it was a pleasure to sit through something that managed to be both worthy and fun. The Ambassador was a revelation, deeply shocking, but a film that also made me and the rest of the audience laugh aloud on several occasions. A really tremendous film. An honourable mention to The Innkeepers, which achieved the feat of meeting my very high expectations.

Part 2 - The Statistics, follows shortly.

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